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Join Us

It is a small step that you take to make a BIG difference in the lives of poor but bright students by joining the Helping Minds group. Besides contributing to the group, you can also participate in various other tasks of the group like identifying new talented and brilliant students who need our guidance to accomplish their goals in life or by mentoring a student for getting a job.

By helping a student to complete his studies, we are actually helping a generation to prosper. By helping a poor student, we are doing something in return to the society from whom we had been benefiting all along.

What You can Do

People who are part of this group make minimum contribution of Rs 100 per month to serve the people in need. They can make use of different payment types available like

  • Monthly Payment
  • Quarterly Payment
  • Half Yearly Payment
  • Yearly Payment
  • Members can choose any one of the payment types and pay in the start of every month/quarter/half year/year based on the type of payment they choose. Even we have members who are unable to do any monetary help, but willing to do physical work. So we invite all people who are willing to do service some way or the other.

    If you are willing to be part of this group, please fill the below form.

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